2010 Football Champion – Spain, Viva Spaniard!

by on July 15, 2010

Spain  FIFA World Cup 2010 winnerSpain, the team that has never won the football world cup, finally holds the mesmerizing golden trophy. What an event it has been! South America, which was once dominating the tournament, was ruled out by the Europeans. Europe retains the trophy with the Spanish team that performed at their best in the tournament.

David Villa with his excellent goal scoring on very critical points and Casillas with his brilliant captaincy and goal keeping made history by winning the cup for their nation. The winning goal was scored by Iniesta after the extra time against the Dutch in the final of FIFA World Cup 2010. The Dutch team seemed confused all the way hence leading to a red card to one of their players John Heitinga, which proved more heart breaking for them. The final match had 14 yellow cards and 1 red card. Was it a disciplinary issue or nervousness?

The Dutch seemed very heart wrenched as this was the third time that they lost a final; the other years being 1974 and 1978. No wonder they played extremely well in the tournament, but in the end the European champions of 2008 claimed the trophy in high spirits and with a stylish play.

Congratulations Team Spain!

We hope to see much more action from you in the coming seasons and of course in FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Viva Espanola!

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