3 Best Football Records in English History

by on April 10, 2009
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 Manchester United

Football isn’t a very new or modern game. It dates all the way back to the early 18th century in England. From the day it was reinvented and the Cambridge Rules applied, the game has travelled all around the world this far, reaching out through tens of famous international leagues and tournaments. Truly enough, there are plenty of good unbreakable records in England itself, the top three being;

• the most points overall in the top flight by Manchester United,

• the Longest unbeaten League run by Arsenal, and

• the highest record win by Newcastle United and Stockport County respectively

English football is something so famous one can even find fans deep in the Borneo forest (with media reception of course). Teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal are all known for their own glorious records in history, some of which are listed above. In particular, Manchester United had once scored most points overall in the top flight, being 4712 points. Arsenal on other hand is known for its record-breaking longest unbeaten run for 49 runs until Manchester United ended it for them. Newcastle United and Stockport County are both known for the highest record win in history, each winning 13 goals against Newport County and Halifax Town, with the latter teams losing by zero goals.

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