3 Best Football Seasons in the EPL

by on April 20, 2009
in League Football

Football league: English premier leagueThe Premier League, or also known as the EPL elsewhere through the media, is one of the most important football leagues in the world, having its fan base stretching all the way to probably New Zealand and Fiji. With an annual return to media highlight, there have been plenty of good memorable seasons throughout the EPL history, three of the best being;

• the 2007/2008 season,

• the 1992/1993 season, and

• the 2005/2006 season

Of the 16 seasons to date, almost every season has its own special attraction. Nonetheless, the above three remain notable for their unforgettable events. The 2007/2008 season was filled with plenty of surprises such as the cutting out of Arsenal in the beginning, the ‘rebirth’ of Chelsea, the real race between the Big Four dominants that we know, and many others. The 1992/1993 season received its fame for being the first season of the Premier League, with 22 clubs at the initial stage and the first ever goal by Brian Deane from Sheffield United in a surprising 2-1 victory against Manchester United. The 2005/2006 season was equally memorable for a couple of reasons; one of the most famous being Manchester United’s 1,000th goal in this league with Cristiano Ronaldo’s that ended the match against Middlesbrough in 4-1.

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