3 Most Famous Moments of Chelsea Football Club

English premier league Chelsea football clubChelsea might be a football club with a victorious history behind; but from the perception of a fan, the most wonderful game moments of the club are the most important memories as well. There have been many wonderful moments to name of, mostly captured on live TV, but sometimes just too exhilarating to mention. Just to be specific,

• The very first famous incredible moment for Chelsea would be when they scored their first league victory in 1955,
• The second would be Frank Lampard’s 380th goal in 2007,
• While the third would undoubtedly be the moment when they scored their 21st goal in the 21–0 aggregate victory over Jeunesse Hautcharage in 1971 in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

There could have been many other important moments for Chelsea football club, but as a whole, the three above are beyond non-exhaustive comparison. The 1955 victory set a stepping stone for Chelsea to continue their ruling over the next few years and decades (in intervals of course). The 380th goal by Lampard marked their territorial reign over every single game possible, with their main player scoring as high as many other top scorers in the world. The stunning aggregate victory on the other hand is still in limelight today; even after almost 4 decades have passed by.

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