Best Coaches and Captains of Athletic Bilbao-All time

by on September 22, 2010
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Joaquin Caparros is the current coach of Athletic Bilbao. Capparros trained the club to reach the semifinals of domestic cup of 2008-09 and qualify the club for UEFA Europa League. Javier Clemente was the manager of the club and trained them to win 2 Spanish Leagues, one Spanish cup and one Spanish Super Cup. Koldo Aguirre trained the club for three seasons. Aguirre earned 3rd position in league twice and a Copa del Rey cup for the club. Agustin Gainza guided the club to the victory of Copa del Generalisimo in the year 1969 as a coach. Milorad Pavic guided Athletic Bilbao to win a Spanish Copa del Rey in the year 1973. Most of the coaches of Athletic Bilbao were the players of the club earlier.

Best coaches of Athletic Bilbao are:

1. Joaquin Caparros
2. Javier Clemente
3. Koldo Aguirre
4. Agustin Gainza
5. Milorad Pavic

Genar Andrinua played only for Athletic Bilbao and made 304 appearances for the club. Andrinua won Spanish League and Spanish cup in the season of 1983-84. Julen Guerrero Lopez also played only for Athletic Bilbao and he was awarded with ‘New Spanish footballer of the Year’ in 1992-93 and ‘Spanish Footballer of the Year’ in 1993-94. Joseba Etxeberria played 514 matches with 105 goals for the club as a winger. Julen Guerrero was known for his shooting ability and he signed a contract of ten years with the club which was the longest contract in the history of the Athletic Bilbao club. Guerrero played 372 matches and scored more than 100 goals for the club. Pablo Orbaiz is the current captain of the club who plays as a defensive midfielder.

Best captains of Athletic Bilbao are:

1. Pablo Orbaiz
2. Jose Ramon Alexanko
3. Joseba Etxeberria
4. Genar Andrinua
5. Julen Guerrero Lopez


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