Best Coaches and Captains of Liverpool FC-All time


Graeme James Souness is a Scottish manager of Liverpool FC. Souness was the former captain of Liverpool FC in early 1980s. Under the training of Souness, Liverpool had won 5 League Championships, 3 European Cups, 3 League Cups and 3 Charity Shields. Roy Evans led the team to win Football League Cup of 1994-95. Gerard Houllier is a French football manager who led the Liverpool FC to win 2 Football League Cups, one FA Cup, one UEFA Cup, one European Super Cup and one Charity Shield. Gerrard Houllier led the club to 2 Football League Cups, one FA cup, one UEFA Cup, one European Super Cup and one Charity Shield. Rafael Benitez is best known for his six years of managing career between 2004 and 2010. Rafael Benitez led the club to win on European Cup, one FA Cup, one European Super Cup and one Community Shield. Roy Hodgson is the current manager of Liverpool FC from July 2010.

Best coaches of Liverpool FC are:

1. Roy Evans
2. Graeme Souness
3. Gerard Houllier
4. Rafael Benitez
5. Roy Hodgson

Sami Hyypia became the captain of Liverpool by 2001 and he regularly captained the team that season. Under Sami’s captaincy, Liverpool had won the treble along with UEFA Super Cup and FA Community Shield. Jamie Redknapp played 308 times for Liverpool FC and scored 41 goals for the team. Mark Wright spent seven years of his career in Liverpool but managed to win only one trophy during his time. Steven Gerrard is the current captain of Liverpool who spent his entire career in Liverpool. Gerrard won two League Cups, two FA cups, one UEFA Champions League and one UEFA Cup. Ian Rush is one of the best remembered strikers of the club. Ian Rush has the record of highest FA cup score with 44 goals which include 39 goals for Liverpool, 4 for Chester City and one for Newcastle United. Ian Rush has so many other records also in hand.

Best captains of Liverpool FC are:

1. Steven Gerrard
2. Sami Hyppia
3. Jamie Redknapp
4. Mark Wright
5. Ian Rush

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