Best goalies of Chelsea – All time

by on August 28, 2010
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Chelsea football club

Rhys Taylor plays mainly as Chelsea Reserve and for Youth Team. He made eight appearances for the reserve team as their first choice. Ross Turnbull is FC Chelsea’s goal keeper in Barclays Premier League. His debut in Chelsea football club was against Bolton Wanderers football club in League Cup in which Chelsea FC won the game for 4-0. Turnbull made his debut in Premier League against Ham United. Henrique Hilario was the third-choice goal keeper of Chelsea football club. Hilario made his debut against FC Barcelona and won by 1-0. Hilario made his league debut against 2-1 home win. Hilaria made 18 appearances for Chelsea football club during the season of 2006-07 keeping eight clean sheets. Petr Cech plays as a goal keeper for Chelsea and Czech Republic. Cech also got the individual award of Best Goal keeper of UEFA Champions League in 2004-2005, 2006-2007 and 2007-2008. Cech has the Premiership record for the fewest appearances needed to get the 100 clean sheets with 180 league appearances. Carlo Cudicini is voted as the Player of the Year for 2001-02.

Best goalies of Chelsea football club are:

1. Petr Cech
2. Ross Turnbull
3. Henrique Hilario
4. Rhys Taylor
5. Carlo Cudicini

So as the list shows, Chelsea football club has hired a number of great goal keepers over the period of time. This is because Chelsea football club fully understands the importance of a good goalkeeper in winning matches and trophies.


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  1. franco says:

    the best keeper was steady eddie now chec

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