Best Midfielders and Famous Foreign Players of Internazionale Club

by on October 3, 2010
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Famous midfielders of Internazionale football club The position of mid-fielders is a responsible position as they have to defend the attack. Midfielders are meant for both to defend and to attack. FC Internazionale used the creative talents of their midfielders and they have the best midfielders in soccer. Some of the midfielders have a defensive role in plan of match while other midfielders will play both as forwards and midfielders. Depending on the formation of a team, the number of midfielders in a game will vary. Best midfielders require the higher skills such dribble, tackle, pass and shoot in a game. In short, a good midfielder should be competitive as well as creative. Many midfielders of Internazionale played in world cup matches as well as in other international matches. Wesley Sneijder and Rene Krhin were played in 2010 world cup.

Best midfielders of Internazionale are:

1. Dejan Stankovic
2. Wesley Sneijder
3. Sulley Ali Muntari
4. Rene Krhin
5. Mancini

FC Inter Milan is open to foreign players and because of this it got the name Internazionale. More than 50% of popular players are foreign players in the history of Internazionale club. At present around 75% of players playing for the club are foreign players. The club spends a handsome amount of money to bring foreign nationals as their players. These foreign players are blessed with talents, creativity and capability. Inter Milan has had introduced several excellent players from other countries. Most of the foreign players from Inter Milan played in World Cups representing their own countries. Among the foreign players Lothar Matthaeus is the famous one. Matthaeus was the captain of German World Cup team and won the World Cup for Germany in the year 1990.

Here are some of the famous foreign players of Internazionale:

1. Lothar Matthaeus
2. Samuel Eto’o
3. Ronaldo
4. Julio Cesar
5. Maicon
6. Lucio
7. Ivan Zamorana
8. Wesley Sneijder
9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
10. Luis Suarez

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