Over view of UEFA Champions league 2013-2014

Over view of UEFA Champions league 2013-2014

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Top ten captains in UEFA 2010

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UEFA Championship profile

UEFA Championship profile

When you talk about prestigious football events other than FIFA, UEFA champions league sure does keep everyone captivatedalmost around the year. Since 1955, UEFA has been arranging this Champions League including the top European football clubs. UEFA Champions League due to its sensational matches has been able to draw audiences of over 100 million fans almost every year. Initially the tournament had a straight knockout pattern but it changed in 1990 as the tournament expanded by including more teams and phases.

The strongest European national leagues provide their best four teams for this competition every year. The present format consists of three knockout qualifying rounds that begin in mid July. The 10 surviving teams from the knock out phase then join the 22 seeded teams in the group stage. In the group stage, eight groups are formed where each group is composed of four teams. A total of 21 different clubs have won the UEFA Champions League tournament.  The most successful club has been Real Madrid which holds the all time record of winning the UEFA Champions League nine times. The most successful leagues of the UEFA Champions League have been Italy’s Serie A and Spain’s La Liga. The present champion of UEFA Champions League 2010 is the Internazionale.

UEFA Champions League Football Records

UEFA Champions League Football Records

Histories and records are made in almost all the prestigious football events. From domestic cups to international cups, the best football players have been able to set records by mesmerizing their fans with astounding performances. The UEFA Champions League history has been  the center of many football records.  Some of the most outstanding football performances and records of UEFA are as follows:

1)      With nine UEFA Champions League titles, Real Madrid has been the most successful team in UEFA. Real Madrid has reached 21 UEFA semi-finals and 12 finals.

2)      Valencia and Stade Rennais de Chanpagne have made their way into  many finals but could not claim a win. 

3)      The most consecutive UEFA Champions League titles record is  held by Real Madrid who won this title five times consecutively from 1995 to 2000

4)      Real Madrid also holds the record for most consecutive participation in the UEFA Champions League by appearing 15 times from 1955-1970.

5)      The maximum number of goals scored by any player in the UEFA Champions League is Raul from Real Madrid who scored 58 goals in 114 games.

6)      Paolo Maldini of AC Milan made the most number of appearances by playing in 116 games.

7)      The fastest goal scored in the UEFA Champions League was by Roy Makaay of Bayern Munich who scored the goal in 10.2 seconds after kick-off.

8)      The fastest hat-trick in the UEFA Champions League was scored by Mike Newell of Blackburn Rovers who scored three goals in 9 minutes in the 1995/1996 UEFA Champions League game against Rosenborg.

9)      Only five teams, Manchester United, Ajax, Barcelona, Inter Milan and Liverpool managed to win the UEFA Champions League without losing a single match.

10)   The best defense effort was shown by Arsenal in the 2006 UEFA Champions League by not conceding a single goal in 10 games.

Top ten Mid fielders of UEFA

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Top ten goalies and defenders of UEFA-All time

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Top ten coaches of UEFA-All time

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Top 10 forwards/strikers of UEFA

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Most goals in a single match of UEFA

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History of UEFA Championship League

History of UEFA Championship League Read more..