About Football Craze

As our name suggests, we are crazy about football and have interesting and wonderful football stories to share with you.  Nowadays loads of information about football is available but not all of it is relevant and serious fans of football are often disappointed when they come across junk.  Football Craze has all the football relevant information such as; statistics, news of your favorite teams, the biographies of your favorite footballers, gossips and the latest happenings on the football scene.  Our stories cover the tense thrilling moments of the games including the exciting moments of yesteryears. We have everything that satisfies the footballing needs of our readers.

Our website is meant for die hard football fans for whom 90 minutes of game are not enough and they want more.  We extensively cover clubs and leagues and the matches being played all over the world.  At Football Craze our team of writers never sits idle and when no matches are being played it covers topics such as contracts, transfers and ratings.  During the season you will find latest updates on teams and players. You can make our website more exciting with your interesting opinions and viewpoints.  You can share with us your thoughts on your favorite players and teams.

Placing advertisements on our website is a positive way to boost your business this is because we enjoy large and steady fan following which means your advertisements will be noticed by many people. We are connected to popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and the number of our fans is growing steadily; this will surely give your   business wide exposure.  Football Craze is a platform from where readers can gain relevant information about the game and its players and because of the high readership; it is also a lucrative advertising site. 

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