England – 1966 World Cup Mud-Bowl Champs!

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Engalnd 2966 WC

The 1966 World Cup Final between England and Germany was played out on a world stage that still understood the meaning of the term “cold war”. Wembley Stadium was packed for the final. In their history, England had never lost a match to Germany and this time, they had home field advantage, plus their squad had played almost flawlessly throughout the Cup, having only conceded a single goal. They were the favorites. Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not a big soccer fan, or maybe she was just pulling for another team. Whichever the case, the downpours she spilled down on the field marked that final as one that would be remembered as much for the errors as for the goals.

In spite of rain and mud, the teams went into the halfway point in the match tied at one goal each. The second half was a series of miscues and providential mistakes that left neither team with any clear sort of advantage. It would culminate, of course, in extra time. Both teams were exhausted. The field was churned and slick with mud and grass. But Ramsey rallied his fellow Brits with a cry of “you’ve beaten them once, now do it again!”

Ten minutes into the extra period, Weber headed a shot that went in (or did it?) to the German’ goal and quickly Roger Hunt raised his hand to declare a victory. The German’s were quick to protest. Had the ball crossed the line? Then, the referees, as if not to be outdone by the bobbling of the players, decided not to know, and called the players back into the circle. The fans, believing the game over, began celebrating, many heading down from the stands.

A commentator for the BBC stated “they think it’s all over” even though the ref had yet to blow the whistle. On the field, Bobby Moore sent direct target pass to Geoff Hurst who sent it flying into Germany’s net and the same commentator responded by stating, “It is now!”

All in all, with miserable weather, some bobbles, some shining moments and even a little inferior refereeing, the final turned out to be a memorable one for England who finally had their first World Cup Trophy.

David Beckham or England, we could certainly use them interchangeably. England is currently on the 7th position in FIFA rankings. The team has some excellent players and has the potential to become a threat for the opponent. A quick glance is here:

• Nickname: The Three Lions

• Football Association: The Football Association

• Head Coach: Fabeo Capello

• Captain: Steven Gerrard

• Top scorer: The top scorer for England is Sir Bobby Charlton who scored 49 goals

• Home kit color: White shirt with white shorts

• Away kit color: Red shirt with white shorts

• Playing at the World Cup since: 1950.

FIFA World Cup record

• Won FIFA World Cup: England became champion of football World Cup once

• Total matches played in FIFA World Cup: 55

• Total games won: In all, England won 25 matches

• Games drawn: England drawn 17 matches in all

• Games lost: England lost 13 matches World Cup events

• Goals scored: England has been able to score 74 goals in all.

England in FIFA WORLD CUP 2010

As being included in the top seven teams of football, much is expected from England in FIFA World Cup 2010. England is in Group C of the 2010 tournament, where it will play with USA, Algeria and Slovenia at the group level.

England is regarded as the first nation of Football and the distributor of the game. The team that is passionate about the game but very short in success as their only win in 1966. England has qualified for eleven times in the world cup since their debut in the 1950 world cup. Even in the 2006, they qualified for the world cup with the pole position in the group as expected and again failed at quarter final game in penalty shootout to Portugal in world cup with star studded team. The team played under the guidance of Sven Goran-Eriksson in 2006 and the place was taken by Steven McLaren afterwards. But, team failed to win their spot in 2008 Euro Cup with defeats from Croatia and Russia.

The 2010 will be the mission for them as they are looking to break their image of not producing the results. The team is headed by the likes of Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard and Michael Owen. The team will be lead by John Terry. The England football team has an advantage in the group stage of 2010 world cup as they are the potential team in the group “C” to end up as a pole position. England is still jinxed as the team did not manage to even make it to the final of 2010 and 2014 world cups. 


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  1. R3dian says:

    England are having the same problems they had against the USA in Rustenburg – they’re not getting on the ball, they’re not picking up second balls and they’re letting the opposition dictate. This is all Algeria. They are so compact, they work hard and technically they are far superior.

  2. Hars says:

    I never would have guessed USA would end up leading group C

  3. Cyclone says:

    Group C was suprsing but Group D is really a mess right now. Anyone could pull out a win and advance

  4. I can’t but agree.I always wanted to write in my site something like that but I guess you’r faster.

  5. Sbobet says:

    Would you tell me where can I find detail of FIFA World Cup 2010 schedule for all timezones?

  6. Ranos says:

    Paul the octopus was right. Way to go Paul!

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