English football league system

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We can compare English football league with a football pyramid. And every domestic leagues of England are interconnected with each other. And total system is about Relegation and promotion. English football league system contains more than 7000 clubs, 480 divisions and more than 140 leagues.
What is relegation and promotion?

Top three teams of a league get promotion to the upper level. And bottom three get demotions to the lower level.

Here given the structure of English league system:

• The top of the English league system is English Premier League. We can also call this Level-1 of the football pyramid. This league contains 20 clubs. No promotion system. Bottom 3 teams relegated to The Football league.

• Next level of premier league is The Football League (Level-2). This league contains 24 clubs. Top two teams get promotion to Premier League automatically. And next four competes with each other. And among them one team get promotion to the premier league. And bottom three get demotions to the Football League One.

• Level-2 league is Football League One and Level-4 is Football League Two. Both leagues contain 24 clubs. And the promotion and relegation system is same as previous.

English football league is undoubtedly world’s most popular football tournament in the world.

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