English Premier League 2010/11-As it happened!

English premier league 2010-2011This year’s English Premier League season turned out to be another feather in the hat for England’s most prestigious football club Manchester United. The men in red clenched the first spot at the top of the table with 80 points, a feat they accomplished for the 19th time, with Chelsea FC and Manchester City trailing behind with 71 points each. The season emerged slightly dismal for Arsenal football club, as they managed a 4th position spot with 68 points.
May 14th provided Manchester United with this moment of glory as they tied with Blackburn; Wayne Rooney grabbed the opportunity to provide his team with this momentous title as he sent the ball flipping past Tomasz Kuszczak of Blackburn via a penalty.
So what is it that makes Manchester United football club a team surely one of its kind?
The most pivotal factor is certainly Manager Sir Alex Ferguson; aged 69, he provides Manchester United with the motivation and strength that allows the team to steer towards such momentous titles.  This year’s English Premier League title is the 12th one for Alex Ferguson, and yet there is no stopping this Scot; he will remain well present within the galore of football to guide Manchester United to greater honours.
Another focal factor is famous football player Ryan Giggs; aged 37, this midfielder provides Manchester United with experience like none other and is a valuable asset for as long as he continues to offer his services to the team.
Wayne Rooney is probably the difference between Manchester United and other EPL teams at the moment; a brilliant hat-trick against West Ham, brilliant goals against Chelsea, and the title sealing penalty against Blackburn, there is no stopping this football genius.
A special mention needs to be made of the Dutch goalkeeper Edvin Van Der Sar; part of Manchester United for over 6 years, he has finally decided to retire following an excellent display of football tactics for all these years.
Will Manchester United football club be able to extend their winning streak to 20 next year?
Well, we certainly hope so.
What is certain that as the next season commences the Manchester United fans will be chanting “Glory, Glory, Manchester United” to cheer them onto the field, and rightly so.

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