English Premier League 2011-12: Fixtures for Everton football club

Everton football club

The past few decades have shown to be a dry spell for Everton football club, though fairly not as dry as the one being experienced by Bolton Wanderers. Their most recent title was the FA Cup in 1995, a huge 16 years back. The team is not close to where it was several decades ago, in terms of class and consistency; yet all is not lost for Everton. The past season was a fairly modest one for Everton, though certainly not their best one. Everton finished on their season on a good run, though things could have turned out fairly better had the team been able to utilize its chances slightly more. The club finished on the 7th spot with 54 points, 4 points below coveted football club Liverpool and 5 points above Fulham.  Can Everton improvise on last season’s performance to grab a better one for themselves next season? That is something time will tell. In the meantime, lets shed light on their certain fixtures in the upcoming season soon to commence in the month of August.

Their first fixture will be an away game against Tottenham Hotspur; whereas Everton can be labeled as the likely favourites for this match, it needs to be kept in mind that Tottenham does have a slight tendency to pose surprises at time. However, for the sake of Everton fans, one hopes Everton can provide a consistent performance to turn things in their favour and commence the season on a high note. Their second fixture will be a home game against Queens Park Rangers, and should be a fairly easy one. Everton can be expected to have the upper hand, and hence continue their winning streak, provided they are able to contain Tottenham Hotspur also in the first match. A very important and nailbiting fixture for Everton will be on the 29th of October, when the Manchester United football club players will travel from Old Trafford; facing this year and 18 other year’s title winners will certainly be a difficult task for Everton. Let’s hope Everton can move up from the 7th position this year, and while it cannot be certainly established at this point that they will, all hope is certainly not lost for them.

Fixtures of Everton for EPL
Date Match Away/Home
13-08-2011 Tottenham Hotspur vs Everton Away
20-08-2011 Everton vs Queens Park Rangers Home
27-08-2011 Blackburn Rovers vs Everton Away
10/9/2011 Everton vs Aston Villa Home
17-09-2011 Everton vs Wigan Athletic Home
24-09-2011 Manchester City vs Everton Away
1/10/2011 Everton vs Liverpool Home
15-10-2011 Chelsea vs Everton Away
22-10-2011 Fulham vs Everton Away
29-10-2011 Everton vs Manchester United Home
5/11/2011 Newcastle United vs Everton Away
19-11-2011 Everton vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Home
26-11-2011 Bolton Wanderers vs Everton Away
3/12/2011 Everton vs Stoke City Home
10/12/2011 Arsenal vs Everton Away
17-12-2011 Everton vs Norwich City Home
21-12-2011 Everton vs Swansea City Home
26-12-2011 Sunderland vs Everton Away
31-12-2011 West Bromwich Albion vs Everton Away
2/1/2012 Everton vs Bolton Wanderers Home
14-01-2012 Aston Villa vs Everton Away
21-01-2012 Everton vs Blackburn Rovers Home
1/2/2012 Everton vs Manchester City Home
4/2/2012 Wigan Athletic vs Everton Away
11/2/2012 Everton vs Chelsea Home
25-02-2012 Liverpool vs Everton Away
3/3/2012 Queens Park Rangers vs Everton Away
10/3/2012 Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur Home
17-03-2012 Everton vs Arsenal Home
24-03-2012 Swansea City vs Everton Away
31-03-2012 Everton vs West Bromwich Albion Home
7/4/2012 Norwich City vs Everton Away
9/4/2012 Everton vs Sunderland Home
14-04-2012 Stoke City vs Everton Away
21-04-2012 Manchester United vs Everton Away
28-04-2012 Everton vs Fulham Home
5/5/2012 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Everton Away
13-05-2012 Everton vs Newcastle United Home

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