English Premier League 2011-12: Fixtures of Arsenal football club

Arsenal football clubEnglish Premier League 2010-2011 was definitely not one of the best one for Arsene Wenger’s boys. The Gunners gained a dismal fourth position after a 2-2 draw with Fulham in May. Their score amassed to a total of 67 points, trailing behind third place Manchester City by 1 point, and Chelsea FC and Manchester United FC by 4 and 10 points respectively. As of now, Arsenal football club have to their name an impressive 13 EPL titles and 10 FA Cup titles; yet, over this past season they failed to relive the reputation and fame they are associated with.

All is certainly not lost however. With a new season well on its way, Arsenal can take a fresh perspective and hope to turn things their way. Will they be able to do so ? We ll have to wait and watch. In the meantime, here’s an overview of how the season will kick off for the Gunners.

Arsenal football club will look forward to have a pretty safe and smooth start to the season, without any sudden shocks. They will kick off their season by playing hosts to Liverpool FC, a game they will hope to capitalize on and gain confidence ahead of the considerably more challenging fixtures with Manchester United FC and Chelsea FC to name a few. Their first away game will be against Newcastle United, where again they will wish to gain victorious momentum.  One of the most major games for Arsenal will be on the 29th of October, for which they will travel to Stamford Bridge to face old rivals Chelsea. This season will be a tensed one for the Gunners certainly, devoid of much to celebrate or boost their confidence with.

Can Arsenal FC stage a tremendous comeback and claim the EPL title this year? At this point, much cannot be said, neither in favour nor against. While the Gunners have slightly shrunken in terms of excellence, such is no reason to dispel their chances at claiming at EPL title. They have done it 13 times in the past, and they can surely do so again.

Fixtures of Arsenal for EPL
Date Match Away/Home
13-08-2011 Newcastle United vs Arsenal Away
20-08-2011 Arsenal vs Liverpool Home
27-08-2011 Manchester United vs Arsenal Away
10/9/2011 Arsenal vs Swansea City Home
17-09-2011 Blackburn Rovers vs Arsenal Away
24-09-2011 Arsenal vs Bolton Wanderers Home
1/10/2011 Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal Away
15-10-2011 Arsenal vs Sunderland Home
22-10-2011 Arsenal vs Stoke City Home
29-10-2011 Chelsea vs Arsenal Away
5/11/2011 Arsenal vs West Bromwich Albion Home
19-11-2011 Norwich City vs Arsenal Away
26-11-2011 Arsenal vs Fulham Home
3/12/2011 Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal Away
10/12/2011 Arsenal vs Everton Home
17-12-2011 Manchester City vs Arsenal Away
21-12-2011 Aston Villa vs Arsenal Away
26-12-2011 Arsenal vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Home
31-12-2011 Arsenal vs Queens Park Rangers Home
2/1/2012 Fulham vs Arsenal Away
14-01-2012 Swansea City vs Arsenal Away
21-01-2012 Arsenal vs Manchester United Home
31-01-2012 Bolton Wanderers vs Arsenal Away
4/2/2012 Arsenal vs Blackburn Rovers Home
11/2/2012 Sunderland vs Arsenal Away
25-02-2011 Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur Home
3/3/2012 Liverpool vs Arsenal Away
10/3/2012 Arsenal vs Newcastle United Home
17-03-2012 Everton vs Arsenal Away
24-03-2012 Arsenal vs Aston Villa Home
31-03-2012 Queens Park Rangers vs Arsenal Away
7/4/2012 Arsenal vs Manchester City Home
9/4/2012 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Arsenal Away
14-04-2012 Arsenal vs Wigan Athletic Home
21-04-2012 Arsenal vs Chelsea Home
28-04-2012 Stoke City vs Arsenal Away
5/5/2012 Arsenal vs Norwich City Home
13-05-2012 West Bromwich Albion vs Arsenal Away

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