English Premier League 2011-12: Fixtures of Aston Villa football club

aston villa football clubOften shadowed by the limelight of more popular clubs such as Manchester United football club and Chelsea FC, Aston Villa football club remains one of England’s most prestigious football clubs. It has to its honour the fourth highest number of honours won by an English football club; it has also won the FA cup 7 times and is therefore deservingly one of the most celebrated clubs in England.  The past season was a very dismal one for Aston Villa however, as they finished it at a depressing 13th position with a total of 45 points, the same as those of Newcastle United. For a team that boasts of a very powerful and successful past, such a position is certainly depressing for the players of Aston Villa as well as their fans.  Let’s see what prospects this team has in the upcoming EPL season 2011-2012.

Aston Villa football club is expected to have a peaceful start to the upcoming season with their kickoff match being an away game against Fulham. With both teams quite much on the same footing in terms of their performances in the recently ended season, Aston Villa can attempt to utilize this factor and commence their season with a probable one. August will provide Aston Villa fans with two more fixtures, both of them being home games, one against Blackburn Rovers and the other against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Hence, Aston Villa can effectively use these initial fixtures to secure momentum, ahead of the more threatening games in December.

December will truly be a very challenging month for Aston Villa, as they will kick off the month by a journey to Old Trafford to face this year’s champions Manchester United football club. This fixture will be followed by home games against Arsenal and Liverpool and an away game against Chelsea. Whether Aston Villa can survive the month of December in particular and this season in general remains to be seen. While it is unlikely that they will significantly climb up the ladder to the first five spots, one surely hope they can improve relatively on their last year’s position of 13.

Fixtures of Aston Villa for EPL
Date Match Home/Away
13-08-2011 Fulham vs Aston Villa Away
20-08-2011 Aston Villa vs Blackburn Rovers Home
27-08-2011 Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Home
10/9/2011 Everton vs Aston Villa Away
17-09-2011 Aston Villa vs Newcastle United Home
24-09-2011 Queens Park Rangers vs Aston Villa Away
1/10/2011 Aston Villa vs Wigan Athletic Home
15-10-2011 Manchester City vs Aston Villa Away
22-10-2011 Aston Villa vs West Bromwich Albion Home
29-10-2011 Sunderland vs Aston Villa Away
5/11/2011 Aston Villa vs Norwich City Home
26-11-2011 Swansea vs Aston Villa Away
3/12/2011 Aston Villa vs Manchester United Home
10/12/2011 Bolton Wanderers vs Manchester United Away
17-12-2011 Aston Villa vs Liverpool Home
21-12-2011 Aston Villa vs Arsenal Home
26-12-2011 Stoke City vs Aston Villa Away
31-12-2011 Chelsea vs Aston Villa Away
2/1/2012 Aston Villa vs Swansea City Home
14-01-2012 Aston Villa vs Everton Home
21-01-2012 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Aston Villa Away
1/2/2012 Aston Villa vs Queens Park Rangers Home
4/2/2012 Newcastle United vs Aston Villa Away
11/2/2012 Aston Villa vs Manchester City Home
25-02-2012 Wigan Athletic vs Aston Villa Away
3/3/2012 Blackburn Rovers vs Aston Villa Away
10/3/2012 Aston Villa vs Fulham Home
17-03-2012 Aston Villa vs Bolton Wanderers Home
24-03-2012 Arsenal vs Aston Villa Away
31-03-2012 Aston Villa vs Chelsea Home
7/4/2012 Liverpool vs Aston Villa Away
9/4/2012 Aston Villa vs Stoke City Home
14-04-2012 Manchester United vs Aston Villa Away
21-04-2012 Aston Villa vs Sunderland Home
28-04-2012 West Bromwich Albion vs Aston Villa Away
5/5/2012 Aston Villa vs Tottenham Hotspur Home
13-05-2012 Norwich City vs Aston Villa Away

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