English Premier League 2011-12: Fixtures of Chelsea football club

Chelsea football club The recently commenced season ended well for Chelsea football club, except for the close miss to Manchester United FC; although Chelsea finished second, they did so at the expense of yet another EPL title to Manchester United, trailing them by a meager 9 points. This year, Chelsea will be looking forward to commencing the season with some convincing victories, and sealing it off with an EPL title win. The team is currently lacking a manager, but captain John Terry is very hopeful about his team’s prospects. 

Let’s dig up what Chelsea FC have coming their way this coming EPL season.

Chelsea will be hopeful of inaugurating this season as they have hoped, with their first match being poised against Stoke City football club in the Stoke homeground. Provided all goes in Chelsea’s favour, this possible victory will certainly consolidate their position ahead of the tougher matches. Their first home game is against West Bromwich on the 20th of August, followed by another home game against Norwich one week later on the 27th. One of the most awaited and anxiety causing fixtures for Chelsea fans this year will be on the 29th of October 2011: the men in blue will set on the field against the Gunners, hoping to maintain their lead over Arsenal as they did in the past season.  Another much awaited game will be played on the 4th of February as Chelsea will face this year’s coveted champions Manchester United; rivalries will be reignited, furies will be leashed and enmities will be rekindled, but one can be assured nonetheless that this will be one of the most delightful fixtures of this upcoming season.

Can Chelsea football club stride past Manchester United this year to claim the glory for themselves in EPL 2011-2012?
Its going to take a long time for the answer to that question to be determined, but keeping Chelsea’s recent performances in mind it can be said that the chances are certainly not bleak.

Fixtures of Chelsea for EPL
Date Match Home/Away
13-08-2011 Stoke City vs Chelsea Away
20-08-2011 Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albium Home
27-08-2011 Chelsea vs Norwich City Home
10/9/2011 Sunderland vs Chelsea Away
17-09-2011 Manchester United vs Chelsea Away
24-09-2011 Chelsea vs Swansea City Home
1/10/2011 Bolton Wanderers vs Chelsea Away
15-10-2011 Chelsea vs Everton Home
22-10-2011 Queens Park Rangers vs Chelsea Away
29-10-2011 Chelsea vs Arsenal Home
5/11/2011 Blackburn Rovers vs Chelsea Away
19-11-2011 Chelsea vs Liverpool Home
26-11-2011 Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Home
3/12/2011 Newcastle United vs Chelsea Away
10/12/2011 Chelsea vs Manchester City Home
17-12-2011 Wigan Athletic vs Chelsea Away
20-12-2011 Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea Away
26-12-2011 Chelsea vs Fulham Home
31-12-2011 Chelsea vs Aston Villa Home
2/1/2012 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Chelsea Away
14-01-2012 Sunderland vs Chelsea Away
21-01-2012 Chelsea vs Norwich City Home
31-01-2012 Swansea City vs Chelsea Away
4/2/2012 Manchester United vs Chelsea Away
11/2/2012 Chelsea vs Everton Home
25-02-2012 Bolton Wanderers vs Chelsea Away
3/3/2012 Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albium Home
10/3/2012 Chelsea vs Stoke city Home
17-03-2012 Manchester City vs Chelsea Away
24-03-2012 Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur Home
31-03-2012 Aston Villa vs Chelsea Away
7/4/2012 Chelsea vs Wigan Athletic Home
9/4/2012 Fulham vs Chelsea Away
14-04-2012 Chelsea vs Newcastle United Home
21-04-2012 Arsenal vs Chelsea Away
28-04-2012 Chelsea vs Queens Park Rangers Home
5/5/2012 Liverpool vs Chelsea Away
13-05-2012 Chelsea vs Blackburn Rovers Home

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