English Premier League 2011-2012: Fixtures of Fulham football club

Fulham Football ClubFulham football club remains the oldest professional team to hail from England’s capital, London.  While they are one of the most popular and most followed teams in England’s football arena today, it is surprising to discover that they do not have any major titles to their name as of now. The only accolades that this team has to its name are the honour of reaching two finals. While this is an achievement which can certainly not be belittled, it is certainly not a very huge accomplishment as compared to those of coveted clubs such as Manchester United FC and Chelsea to name a few amongst many such others.  This season, Fulham finished at 8th position with a total of 49 points, just one above Aston Villa and five below Everton FC. While this is not a very impressive finish, it is nonetheless not a very disappointing one either. Can Fulham improvise on this year’s performance to jump up the table in the upcoming season?

The first game for Fulham will be a home game against Aston Villa football club; with both teams roughly on the same footing, Fulham can be expected to score a win. While it cannot as of now be established clearly as to whether they will be able to secure a victory, it can be said that if the team plays smart, it can certainly have a winning start to the season. The first away game for Fulham football club is against Wolverhampton Wanderers, and is another fixture where Fulham can secure a lead to have a good start to the season. One of the many challenging games for Fulham will be against Arsenal on the 26th of November, and will certainly be a fixture that will cause Fulham fans to be glued to their television screens in anxiety.

The prospects for Fulham next year are not strikingly bright, but it can be said that if the team plays carefully and catiously, it can be expected to atleast maintain, if not improve on its last year’s position.

Fixtures of Fulham for EPL
Date Match Home/Away
13-08-2011 Fulham vs Aston Villa Home
20-08-2011 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Fulham Away
27-08-2011 Newcastle United vs Fulham Away
10/9/2011 Fulham vs Blackburn Rovers Home
17-09-2011 Fulham vs Manchester City Home
24-09-2011 West Bromwich Albion vs Fulham Away
1/10/2011 Fulham vs Queens Park Rangers Home
15-10-2011 Stoke City vs Fulham Away
22-10-2011 Fulham vs Everton Home
29-10-2011 Wigan Athletic vs Fulham Away
5/11/2011 Fulham vs Tottenham Hotspur Home
19-11-2011 Sunderland vs Fulham Away
26-11-2011 Arsenal vs Fulham Away
3/12/2011 Fulham vs Liverpool Home
10/12/2011 Swansea City vs Fulham Away
17-12-2011 Fulham vs Bolton Wanderers Home
21-12-2011 Fulham vs Manchester United Home
26-12-2011 Chelsea vs Fulham Away
31-12-2011 Norwich City vs Fulham Away
2/1/2012 Fulham vs Arsenal Home
14-01-2012 Blackburn Rovers vs Fulham Away
21-01-2012 Fulham vs Newcastle United Home
1/2/2012 Fulham vs West Bromwich Albion Home
4/2/2012 Manchester City vs Fulham Away
11/2/2012 Fulham vs Stoke City Home
25-02-2012 Queens Park Rangers vs Fulham Away
3/3/2012 Fulham vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Home
10/3/2012 Aston Villa vs Fulham Away
17-03-2012 Fulham vs Swansea City Home
24-03-2012 Manchester United vs Fulham Away
31-03-2012 Fulham vs Norwich City Home
7/4/2012 Bolton Wanderers vs Fulham Away
9/4/2012 Fulham vs Chelsea Home
14-04-2012 Liverpool vs Fulham Away
21-04-2012 Fulham vs Wigan Athletic Home
28-04-2012 Everton vs Fulham Away
5/5/2012 Fulham vs Sunderland Home
13-05-2012 Tottenham Hotspur vs Fulham Away

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