English Premier League 2011-2012: Fixtures of Manchester City football club

Manchester city football clubManchester City football club is one of the oldest football clubs in England and also one of the most popular ones;  though it fell in a slight downhill a few years back, this year the club proved its worth to both those who follow it with enthusiasm and those who doubt its abilities. They qualified for the 2011-12 UEFA Champions League and also won the FA Cup, feats that shall be hailed for a long time. In this recently commenced season, Manchester City FC displayed their class with all their might; the team ended its run on a very impressive position of Number 2, tied at 71 points with Chelsea at Number 2. Such a position is a considerably tremendous one not only because it is sufficiently high up in the table, but also because it places Manchester City below only Manchester United and Chelsea, the two clubs hailed as giants in the world of football.  Can Manchester City maintain this position in the upcoming season, or perhaps even improve it up a few points?

Their first fixture is a home game against Swansea City; this should prove to be a considerably easy game, with Manchester City being evidently stronger, more consistent, and more balanced. The first away game is set against Bolton Wanderers FC, and if Manchester City play the way that they did in this past season, one has no reason to doubt the fact that it will be a very easy run for them. Hence, the start of the season will be an easy one for Manchester City football club, and if things stay the way for them that they have been in the past season, the team can be expected to start off the season on a very high note. One of the most challenging games for Manchester City will be on the 22nd of October, when they will face football giants Manchester United. While it remains to be seen how things turn out for Manchester City at the end of the upcoming season, it can be safely said that the team will nonetheless display a good round of performances and end the season on a high note.

Fixtures of Manchester City in EPL
Date Match Home/Away
13-08-2011 Manchester City vs Swansea City Home
20-08-2011 Bolton Wanderers vs Manchester City Away
27-08-2011 Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City Away
10/9/2011 Manchester City vs Wigan Athletic Home
17-09-2011 Fulham vs Manchester City Away
24-09-2011 Manchester City vs Everton Home
1/10/2011 Blackburn Rovers vs Manchester City Away
15-10-2011 Manchester City vs Aston Villa Home
22-10-2011 Manchester United vs Manchester City Away
29-10-2011 Manchester City vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Home
5/11/2011 Queens Park Rangers vs Manchester City Away
19-11-2011 Manchester City vs Newcastle United Home
26-11-2011 Liverpool vs Manchester City Away
3/12/2011 Manchester City vs Norwich City Home
10/12/2011 Chelsea vs Manchester City Away
17-12-2011 Manchester City vs Arsenal Home
21-12-2011 Manchester City vs Stoke City Home
26-12-2011 West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester City Away
31-12-2011 Sunderland vs Manchester City Away
2/1/2011 Manchester City vs Liverpool Home
14-01-2011 Wigan Athletic vs Manchester City Away
21-01-2011 Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur Home
1/2/2012 Everton vs Manchester City Away
4/2/2012 Manchester City vs Fulham Home
11/2/2012 Aston Villa vs Manchester City Away
25-02-2012 Manchester City vs Blackburn Rovers Home
3/2/2012 Manchester City vs Bolton Wanderers Home
10/3/2012 Swansea City vs Manchester City Away
17-03-2012 Manchester City vs Chelsea Home
24-03-2012 Stoke City vs Manchester City Away
31-03-2012 Manchester City vs Sunderland Home
7/4/2012 Arsenal vs Manchester City Away
9/4/2012 Manchester City vs West Bromwich Albion Home
14-04-2012 Norwich City vs Manchester City Away
21-04-2012 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester City Away
28-04-2012 Manchester City vs Manchester United Away
5/4/2012 Newcastle United vs Manchester City Away
13-04-2012 Manchester City vs Queens Park Rangers Home

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