English Premier League 2011-2012: Liverpool football club

liverpool football clubThe past season has certainly not been a very bright one for Liverpool football club; finishing at a feeble 6th position with a total of 58 points, the season provided the Liverpool team with much to ponder over and discuss their strategies. The team has won 18 English Premier League titles and 7 FA Cups; it also has to its honor the record of grabbing 7 League Cups. Yet, despite a huge collection reflecting these prestigious accolades, Liverpool failed this year to make a statement for themselves.  They were unable to display the level of consistency expected of a team of their stature, and are currently the center of considerable debates contesting their expected position in the upcoming season.

Liverpool FC kick off their season with a match against Sunderland FC at their home ground Anfield on the first day of the Premier League season 2011-12. They will be hoping to bank in on this match and clench a victory for themselves, thus providing them with a momentum they can hopefully carry into the remaining of the season. August 20th 2011 will be a huge day for them, as they will travel to the Gunner’s home ground for a much awaited fixture. This will not only be the first away fixture for Liverpool, it was also be one of the most pivotal ones for them. With both teams relatively on quite the same footing, it is hard to determine who will emerge victorious ; it is clear however that the victory will serve a very focal purpose for the one that wins, with both teams desperate to claim glory following the memories of a slightly disappointing season behind them.

We will have to wait till August to find out whether Liverpool football club can kick off their season with a promising start; while their chances of claiming the EPL title this upcoming season are certainly not very high, they will nonetheless be a worthy contender if all goes well for them.

Fixtures of Liverpool for EPL
Date Match Away/Home
13-08-2011 Liverpool vs Sunderland Home
20-08-2011 Arsenal vs Liverpool Away
27-08-2011 Liverpool vs Bolton Wanderers Home
10/9/2011 Stoke City vs Liverpool Away
17-09-2011 Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool Away
24-09-2011 Liverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Home
1/10/2011 Everton vs Liverpool Away
15-10-2011 Liverpool vs Machester United Home
22-10-2011 Liverpool vs Norwich City Home
29-10-2011 West Bromwich Albion vs Liverpool Away
5/11/2011 Liverpool vs Swansea City Home
19-11-2011 Chelsea vs Liverpool Away
26-11-2011 Liverpool vs Manchester City Home
3/12/2011 Fulham vs Liverpool Away
10/12/2011 Liverpool vs Queens Park Rangers Home
17-12-2011 Aston Villa vs Liverpool Away
20-12-2011 Wigan Athletic vs Liverpool Away
26-12-2011 Liverpool vs Blackburn Rovers Home
31-12-2011 Liverpool vs Newcastle United Home
2/1/2012 Manchester City vs Liverpool Away
14-01-2012 Liverpool vs Stoke City Home
21-01-2012 Bolton Wanderers vs Liverpool Away
31-01-2012 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Liverpool Away
4/2/2012 Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur Home
11/2/2012 Manchester United vs Liverpool Away
25-02-2012 Liverpool vs Everton Home

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