English Premier League – Domestic Cups

by on August 27, 2010
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English Premier League has two domestic cups namely FA Cup and League Cup. FA Cup or the Football Association Challenge Cup is a ‘knockout’ competition in English football. This cup is named and organized by The Football Association. At present the cup known in the sponsored name i.e. FA Cup Sponsored by E.ON. FA Cup is world’s oldest association football competition. Clubs of all standards can play in this Cup but lower division teams reach the final very rarely. FA Cup has 14 rounds in which six are qualifying rounds, then six more rounds, semifinals and final. In 2008-09, 762 teams played for FA Cup.

The Football League Cup which is generally known as League Cup which is currently known as Carling Cup because of the sponsorship. League Cup is also played as knockout competition and unlike FA Cup, only 92 teams will enter the competition. Of the 92 teams, 20 clubs are from the Premier League and 72 clubs from the Football League. In League Cup, semifinals are played over two legs and the winners will qualify to UEFA Europa League, if the winners are not qualified to play European competition through Premier League or FA Cup.These various tournaments of English Premiere League are very popular in the football world. 

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