English Premier League – Structure

Football league: English premier league

English Premier League is also called as football pyramid as it consists of a hierarchy of interconnected leagues for club football. These leagues are connected by the principle of promotion and relegation. Successful clubs can rise higher in the football pyramid whereas unsuccessful ones will go to the bottom of the pyramid. Even a low profile team can rise to the top of the league to win the Premier League. Single division of Premier League or Level 1 will be at the top that consists of 20 clubs. ‘The Football League’ is just below the Premier League. The Football League is divided in to three divisions such as The Championship (Level 2), League One (Level 3) and League Two (Level 4). Each division consists of 24 clubs and all these 92 clubs are full time professional clubs.

Clubs outside this group of 92 clubs are known as ‘non-League’ clubs. The top level of non-League football is ‘Football Conference’ which consists of a national division of 24 clubs i.e. Level 5. Level 5 is divided again in to two divisions known as Conference North and Conference South. North and south consists of 22 clubs each from which some of the clubs are professional and others are non-professional. Below the Football Conference, there are three regional leagues represents three different geographical areas. The three leagues are Northern Premier League, Southern Football League and Isthmian League. All of the leagues have a Premier Division or Level 7 and below that two parallel divisions or Level 8. Top divisions of a large group of sub-regional leagues are under Level 9. More leagues are ther to cover even smaller geographical areas.

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