Everton FC Performance Record and top ten players of 2009-2011

Everton FC Performance Record and top ten players of 2009-2011

Everton FC has competed in top division for record 108 seasons as they are the team possessed with high caliber, good managerial staff and exceptional talent. They have a flawless performance record including large number of honors that were being awarded to them.

Performance record:

1)    First Division winners [9 times]

2)    Second Division winners in 1930-1931 season

3)    FA Cup winners [5 times]

4)    FA Charity Shield winners [9 times]

5)    World Soccer Magazine Team of The Year 1985

6)    FA Youth Cup winners [3 times]

7)    Lancashire Senior Cup winners [6 times]

8)    Liverpool Senior Cup Winners [45 times]

9)    European Cup Winners of the year 1985

Such an awesome performance record with minute irregularities in it suggests that Everton FC is one of those clubs who are unpredictable, lethal and fearsome as they are blessed with talent, skills and loyal plus determined stakeholders.

Everton FC squad is considered as one of the toughest one to beat because it consists of the player’s who are possessed with skills, talent, and determination along with the will to touch the highest limits. Tim Cahill, the attacking midfielder of Everton FC is ranked as number 1 among the squad for his outstanding aerial domination, lethal play-making techniques and ability to score which have enabled him to score 19 goals in his last 60 appearances. On second is Louise Saha, the striker for Everton FC who was transferred from Manchester United to Everton FC, with 16 goals in his last 44 appearances. Saha is the next upcoming star of Everton FC, who is possessed with quickness, ability to confuse defenders and good finishing qualities. Saha is followed up by the Everton FC’s goal keeper, Tim Howard, a player highly famous for his good reflexes, excellent saves and defensive domination. Such talented squad suggests that Everton FC is a team with shear talent and lethalness, needed to dominate each and every aspect.

  1. T.Cahill
  2. L.Saha
  3. T.Howard
  4. M.Arteta
  5. Yakubu
  6. S.Peinaar
  7. P.Jagielka
  8. P.Neville
  9. L.Osman
  10. J.Rodwell

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