Famous Football Player: Xavi Hernandez (Barcelona, Spain)

by on June 14, 2010
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Having very recently signed a new contract extension with Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez may have found a place to play until he’s ready to retire. Under the recently released terms, Xavi Hernandez must play in at least half of the team’s games still covered by the current contract, which is in effect for two more years, in order for the extension to go into effect. If the team’s star midfielder manages to meet the criteria of the extension, the he is all but assured of continuing to play with Camp Nou until at least 2016. That means that, by the time his extended contract would end, Xavi Hernandez would be a ready-to-retiree 36 years old.

The Barcelona team’s web site quotes Xavi Hernandez as stating it is his desire to “hang up” his boots “here” (Barcelona), and that his goal for contract negotiations was to be reassured he was not “going anywhere”. If he meets the guidelines stipulated in the contract, it seems the midfielder will be getting his wish.

A fan favorite, and an accomplished player, some of Xavi Hernandez’ numerous personal accomplishments include:

• Won Don Balon Award as the Breakthrough Player of 1999
• Won Don Balon Award as Spanish Player in La Liga for 2005
• Earned a spot on the UEFA Team of The Year in both 2008 and 2009
• LFP’s Best Midfielder in 2008/2009
• 2009 Man of The Match in the Champion League’s Final

The general consensus of the Barcelona’s management seems to be that Hernandez, if he can avoid injury, still has quite a few solid playing years ahead of him. Certainly, since it is his professed desire to play with Barca until retirement, Hernandez will be doing everything in his powers to assure we see him in plenty of games during the next couple of seasons.


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    nice article all this stuff is very informative specially for me cuz i need to freshen up my football info during every new tournament 🙂

  2. R3dian says:

    Xavi one of the great midfield name in Spain squad . nice and calm personality always provide boost to the strikers nice to see him in starting XI .

  3. Rabab Khan says:

    Hmm, so thats Xavi. 🙂 Very well researched article. Certainly helps in getting info about the players. Thanks for an informative post.

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