FIFA Football World Cup 2010 – Seeds

by on December 26, 2009

2010_FIFA_World_Cup_logoOn the 2nd December 2009 the seeds for the Football World Cup being held in South Africa in 2010 were announced.

The reason why seeds are important is because each country will get placed into a “pot” for the group draw being held on the 4th December, 2009. All of the seeded teams get placed into Pot 1 along with the hosting country, South Africa. And this means that they will not have to face each other in the group stage of the competition.

Therefore the teams that are seeded the highest in the competition and will therefore join South Africa, the host nation, in Pot 1 for the draw are Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy (the current champions), Germany, Argentina and England. According to FIFA, these seeds were derived based on the FIFA rankings as of October.

Whilst these seeds were to be expected and do represent the favorites of the competition, we must look at those teams who did not seed but are more than capable of causing some major upsets in the tournament. Of these teams, France and Portugal stand out. Although their route to the final now just became a lot harder, these teams are more than capable of making it to the final, especially with the tremendous talent they both boast.

Another team that is improving rapidly is the USA. This is one team that I consider a threat and, on their day, they are capable of beating anyone. I would not be surprised to see them qualify for the knock-out stage of the tournament.

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