FIFA World Cup 2010: Group B

by on June 1, 2010


Group B of the FIFA 2010 event will have its share of performance from 12-22 June 2010. The competing teams in this group are Greece, Nigeria, Argentina and Korea Republic. Don’t you just love when teams from different continents face each other? Definitely yes!

Interesting Facts

Back in FIFA World Cup 1994, the three teams Nigeria, Argentina and Greece were a part of the same Group D along with Bulgaria. Bulgaria, Argentina and Nigeria made their way into the second round, where Bulgaria qualified for the semi-final while Argentina and Nigeria lost their matches to Romania and Italy. Any guesses what will happen this time?


The four teams are all set to face each other in the FIFA World Cup 2010. The runners-up of this group are going to meet the winners of Group A while the winning teams of Group B will battle against runners-up of Group A. Are you feeling the heat?

In this group, it’s not about predictions but it’s a fact that has been stated that Argentina is going to win no matter what happens. Argentina is the most favorite team of this group and all eyes are on them. Greece, Korea and Nigeria are going to be competitive in their matches. Let’s see who makes the mark.

What are you waiting for? Join us and share your guesses!

Gear up people as the event is almost around the corner.


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