FIFA World Cup 2010: Group E

by on June 1, 2010

2010_FIFA_World_Cup_logoThe E Group of FIFA Cup 2010 is going to play its matches from 14-24 June 2010. Group E comprises Denmark, Netherlands, Cameroon and Japan. This is the very first time that these teams have been included in the same group in World Cup.


The dominating team of this group is Netherlands as it has a 3rd ranking on FIFA currently. The key players for Netherlands are Wesley Sneijdr and Robin van Persie who have the potential to turn the game at any moment. Along with Netherlands, Cameroon has an immense talent in their goalkeeping and goal scoring as well. Their key player Eto’o is going to make a big difference in group matches. Netherlands and Cameroon are going to be the favorite teams in this group.

The winning teams of Group E are going to meet runners-up of Group F while the runners-up of this group, Group E will battle with the winning teams of Group F. Are we going to see Netherlands and Cameroon at the next level?

Stay tuned and catch every minute of the Group E treat!


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