FIFA World Cup 2010 Prizes

by on July 15, 2010


FIFA World Cup has become a passion and almost 26 billion people around the world are crazy for this game. FIFA World Cup 2010 has just started and 32 teams are there in South Africa to participate in this competition to put almost half of the world into consideration. There are a lot of predications and expectations about the legendary trophy that the winner team will bring home, but football isn’t the game of winning and losing anymore, it has become the game of passions and emotions.

The winning team will get the trophy and much more for turning 26 billion hearts; runner ups will also go back with handsome amounts and awards. FIFA has announced a sum of $420 millions as prizes for World Cup 2010.

The money the teams will receive at this tournament has increased with 60% as compared to the amount paid in the year 2006. Each active team had received $ 1 million for preparation. All 32 teams will receive $ 8 million at group stage.

The winning amount is planned to be distributed among the participating teams very systematically. An amount of nine million dollars will go to the winners and runner ups of round 16 and 18 million dollars will be offered to the teams of quarter finals. The teams that will qualify for semi-final will receive an amount of $ 20 million. The lucky winner team will get an amount of $30 million with the golden ‘FIFA World Cup Trophy’, while the runner-up team will go back home with the prize money of $ 24 million.

This is first time in the history of Football World Cup that FIFA has announced payments for those domestic clubs who are there in the biggest tournament around the world to represent their national teams. This would be an amount of €26 million. Billions of eyes are fixed on South Africa and 32 countries worldwide are dreaming about victory.

Say ‘Best of luck!’ to your favorite team.

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