FIFA World Cup 2014

by on October 19, 2013
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FIFA World Cup 2014

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association, the internationally leading body of the sport is going to organize the 20th FIFA World Cup in 2014. Brazil is the next host for FIFA’s upcoming prestigious competition that is going to bring lots of excitement, enthusiasm, pleasure, and thrill for football fans world wide all over again. Like every FIFA World cup, millions of people will gather at different venues of the host nation to enjoy the unforgettable moments of all matches of the tournament


FIFA World cup 2014 is planned to happen from 12 June to 13 July 2014. Brazil will be hosting the grand event for second time in its history and will be the fifth nation to have hosted the FIFA World Cup two times, after Italy, France and Germany. FIFA World cup 2014 will be the first FIFA World Cup to use goal line technology where Spain will be the defending champion.

The qualification phase for the FIFA World Cup 2014 has begun where approximately 202 teams registered to take part in the upcoming gala’s qualification rounds. This is a new record number in the history of football qualifying tournament. The upcoming world cup will have 32 teams reserving one place for the host nation Brazil. A qualification phase will determine the rest of 31 places in which contestant from among the other 207 teams (from the six FIFA confederations) will try to win. Other than the host nation Brazil, Japan, Australia, Iran and South Korea are the teams who have already qualified for the FIFA World cup 2014.

In FIFA World Cup 2014, the group winners and runners up will move forward to the round of 16 and the ranking of all teams of each group will be concluded on points a team obtains in all group matches. It will also be determined on goal difference and number of goals scored in all group matches.  If two or more teams equally ranked for these criteria, their ranking will be depending on points, number of goals scored, and goal difference in the group matches between the teams concerned. The drawing of lots by the FIFA Organizing Committee will also determine the same.

The Executive Committee of FIFA made a decision where they were agreed to change the schedule for the first round draw of the FIFA World Cup 2014. The draw was arranged six months before to let the confederations start their qualifying struggles. The draw took place on 30 July 2011 at the Marina da Glória in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now the final draw for the FIFA World Cup 2014 will take place at Costa do Sauípe Resort, Mata de São João in Bahia on 6th December 2013.  The beginning procedure has not been announced up till now.

FIFA world Cup 2014 is less than 1 year away to increase the heartbeats of football lovers. The tickets of this grand event will be on sale from 20th August 2013, and as per an estimate 3.3 million tickets will be available for football lovers. A majority of tickets can be bought at

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