Football at the 1924, 1928 and 1936 Olympics

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Football at Olympics

The football contest of the 1924 Olympics was hosted in Paris, France and was held between 25 May and 13 June. There were 279 competitors from 22 nations which were shortlisted at the first and second round to reach the quarterfinals and semifinals. The gold medal was claimed by Uruguay after defeating Switzerland in the finals by 3 goals to nil. While Sweden gained victory over Netherlands in the bronze medal match and was awarded with a bronze medal.

The football tournament at the 1928 Olympics were held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 27 May to 13 June. The tournament featured 17 teams in the Men’s squad. The bronze medal match was held between Italy and Egypt which was won by Italy after scoring 11 goals against Egypt. The gold medal was awarded to Uruguay after gaining victory over Argentina in the 2nd final match due to a draw in the first final.

The football competition at the 1936 Olympics was hosted in Germany from 3 August to 15 August. 16 teams were present in the squad for the contests which were reduced to 8 to compete in the quarterfinals. The final bronze medal match after the semifinals was won by Norway after scoring 3 goals against 2 goals of Poland. Meanwhile, Italy claimed its ownership over the gold medal in the finals, which made Austria the silver medal recipient. It was recorded that a combined 195,000 people were present at the bronze and gold medal matches.

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