Football at the 1988 and 1992 Olympics

by on December 24, 2012
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Olympics 1998

Football at the 1988 Olympics were held from 17 September to 1 October at different locations in South Korea. A total of 16 teams participated with 314 footballers entering the tournament out of which 268 footballers actually competing. A total of 95 goals were scored by 52 players in the 32 matches, with the inclusion of one ‘own’ goal. China was the only country that was unable to score a goal. The tournament had exciting matches like Italy versus Guatemala on September 17 in which the crowd witnessed 7 goals in the game; 5 from Italy and 2 from Guatemala. The event ended with Soviet Union winning the gold medal, Brazil the silver, and West Germany the bronze. The top-scorer was Romario of Brazil with a sum of 7 goals in the tournament.

The football events at the 1992 Olympics were held in Spain at various different venues and were the first Under-23 competition in the history of Olympics. Sixteen teams participated and qualified in the tournament including the hosting nation, Spain. The tournament was divided into two stages. The first stage required the teams to compete with members in the same group. There were four groups with four teams and each had to play 3 matches in this stage. The second stage was the knockout round with quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. In the end, Spain was awarded with a gold medal, Poland with silver, and Ghana with bronze. Andrzej Juskowiak of Poland was the notable player scoring 7 goals in the tournament.

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