Football at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics

by on December 24, 2012
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Olympics 2000

The football tournament at the 1996 Olympics were hosted by the United States of America from 20 July to 3 August at 6 different venues of which 5 were in host cities. A total of 58 matches were played in which 28 teams participated from 6 confederations. This Olympiad commenced the introduction of the women’s contest in football, without an age limitation for the players. The medal winners from the men’s tournament were Nigeria with a gold medal, Argentina with a silver, and Brazil with a bronze. Considering the women’s tournament, United States obtained gold, while China and Norway were awarded with silver and a bronze medal, respectively.

The football events at the Olympics of 2000 were the 20th in the Olympics ‘thread’. The women’s football tournament was held for the second time in Olympics. These events were held from 13 September to 30 September where the host nation was Australia. There were a total of 28 teams from 6 confederations and matches were held in 6 different venues of which 5 were from host cities. 58 matches were played of which under the men titles, Cameroon won the gold medal, Spain the silver medal, and Chile a bronze, while it was Norway with a gold, United States with a silver and Germany with a bronze under the women’s tournament. The top-scorer in the men’s tournament was Ivan Zamorano of Chile with 6 goals to his name, while it was Sun Wen of China who scored 4 goals in the women’s tournament.

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