Football teams overall performances (winning percentage) -World Cup Football Matches

by on May 31, 2014
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 Football teams overall performances (winning percentage) -World Cup Football MatchesTeams overall performances could be justified by the average ration of the teams took part in FIFA World Cup. The Uruguay National Football Team twice won the FIFA World Cup in the year of 1930, being a host, with a record of overcoming Argentina football team 4-2 in the final round. They also achieved their second title in the year of 1950 overcoming Brazil football team by the records 2-1, which proved the maximum participation in overall matches. Uruguay had achieved 20 official titles which claims to be the world record providing the most auspicious international title declared by any country. Brazil had been successful winning FIFA World Cup, achieved five championships, in the year of 1958,1962,1970,1994 and 2002. This football team had attained as the all time most eminent average Football Elo Ranking in the world.

The Italian Foot Team is mentioned as the second successful team in the world championship records. The team Italy had achieved 4 titles, in the year of 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006, including participating in two final championships, in the year of 1970 and 1974. It also acquired the third place in the year of 1990 and also the fourth place in the year of 1978. These are mentioned as the best overall performances as ever.

The most overall worst performances had been held by couple of teams, who took part in the world cup finals. The team South Korea is one of the most generous Asian team, who took part in the world cup finals, and could reach up to round 16, in the world cup final, in the year of 2010. Bolivia National Football Team, had appeared in the world cup finals, in the year of 1930 and 1950, and later they qualified just once, the world cup, held in the year of 1994. The national team of Haiti appeared just once in the FIFA world cup tournament, in the year of 1974, but defeated by Italy, Poland and Argentina. The El Salvador National Football team showed up in the FIFA World Cup in the year of 1972, later again in the year of 1982, but could not reach the expected criteria.

As a host team, the best overall performance goes to The Uruguay National Football Team, winning the FIFA World Cup tournament twice, the first world cup against Argentina, whom they defeated 4-2 in the final, including their second achieving record against Brazil, whom they defeated 2-1 in the final tournament in the year of 1950. The South Africa National Football Team, The Spain National Football Team, had achieved a title of being the worst performance teams, as being hosts. The Italy National Football Team had been crowned as the most defending teams and the best performer in the year of 1938. The France National Football Team had shown the worst overall performances in the year of 2002 as well. These are the categories of the popular national teams, who had delivered their performances in the final matches ever played.

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