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by on August 26, 2010
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Arsenal Football Club

There are only a countable number of foreign players in Arsenal. John Dick was a Scottish player who played for Woolwich Arsenal and was playing as a centre half. Bob John is a Welsh player and he scored the only goal of Arsenal in 1932 FA Cup Final. Bob John also won FA Cup in 1929-30 and then three titles of First Division in 1930-31, 1932-33 and 1933-34. John Haverty is an Irish footballer who was the left winger. Liam Bardy is also an Irish footballer who played as a midfielder and famous for his technical skills. David O’Leary who was an Irish footballer spent majority of his career with Arsenal as a defender and holds the record of 722 appearances with the club. Anders Limpar is a Swedish footballer who played in 1994 FIFA World Cup. Patrick Vieira is a French midfielder who was the captain of Arsenal. Thierry Henry is a French player who holds the record of maximum number of goals in the history of Arsenal.

Some of the foreign players of Arsenal are:

1. Gavin Crawford
2. John Dick
3. Bob John
4. Joe Haverty
5. Liam Brady
6. David O’Leary
7. Frank Stapleton
8. Anders Limpar
9. Patrick Vieira
10. Thierry Henry

As the list shows a lot of foreign players have played from Arsenal football club.


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