Foreign players of Manchester United

by on September 16, 2010
in English Premier League

english premier league manchester united football clubFred Erentz was a Scotland player who played for Newton Heath as a left half. He played 303 matches with Newton Heath. Joe Cassidy was also a Scottish football player played for Newton Heath as a forward. Alex Bell played as a half-back in Manchester United football club was a Scottish footballer. Alex Bell made 306 appearances for the club and helped in winning two titles of First Division and one FA Cup. Billy Meredith was a Welsh footballer who was one of the earlier superstars of the Manchester United club with notable performances. Sandy Turnbull was a Scottish player of Manchester United FC as a forward. Ray Bennion was a Welsh player who played as a half-back and made 301 appearances for the club. Johnny Carey was an Irish player who spent almost his entire career for Manchester United FC. Shay Brennan was a full back from Ireland and played 359 games for the club. Tony Dunne was an Irish footballer and David Herd was a Scottish footballer.

Foreign players of Manchester United football club are:

1. Fred Erentz
2. Joe Cassidy
3. Alex Bell
4. Billy Meredith
5. Sandy Turnbull
6. Ray Bennion
7. Johnny Carey
8. Shay Brennan
9. David Herd
10. Tony Dunne

These players have proved to be a good addition to Manchester United squad over time.

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