Foreign Players of Real Madrid

Real Madrid FC Logo

Players can claim the citizenship of their ancestors in La Liga. If the player is not from a European ancestry, then he has to play for 5 years in Spain to play La Liga. Very few foreign players have been introduced in to the Primera Division because of the strict rules of Spanish Federation. The Spanish Federation rules do not allow more than 3 players of another nationality in the squad of a club. But Real Madrid had found a way to skip this rule by naturalizing their player of foreign nationality. The legends of Real Madrid like Ferenc Puska and Alfredo Di Stefano are naturalized players. Pepe and Kaka are Brazilian nationals. Ronald is a Portuguese and Karim Benzema is French. Gonzalo Higuain holds both French and Argentine nationality. Real Madrid football club has been home to a lot of foreign players over time. In fact the biggest attraction of Real Madrid football club is the fact that it’s squad is always studded with international football superstars. Many foreign players have played from Real Madrid football club. 

Some of the foreign players played for Real Madrid are:

1. Pepe
2. Ricardo Kaka
3. Cristiano Ronaldo
4. Karim Benzema
5. Jerzy Dudek
6. Rafael Van der Vaart
7. Gonzalo Higuain
8. Roberto Carlos
9. Zinedine Zidane
10. Roque Olsen

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