Foreign players of Valencia CF

Valencia CF

In Valencia football club, only three foreign players or non-European Union nationals can play at a time. The players with European ancestry can request for a passport from the nation where their ancestors came. After playing for five years in Spain, the player without a European ancestry can ask for a Spanish passport. Pablo Aimar is an Argentinean player who played as a midfielder for Valencia CF. Joceyln Angloma is the citizen of Guadeloupe who played as a defender.  Victor is a player from Colombia who played as forward. Roberto Ayala is an Argentinean player played as a defender. Amedeo Carboni is an Italian player who played as defender for Valencia CF. John Carew is a Norwegian player who played as forward. Hedwiges Maduro is Dutch defender currently playing for the club. Mehmet Topal is a Turkish midfielder playing for the club. Chori Dominguez is an Argentinean midfielder currently playing for the club. Sofiane Feghouli is French midfielder playing for Valencia CF.

Some of the foreign players are:

  1. Pablo Aimar
  2. Joceyln Angloma
  3. Victor Aristizabal
  4. Roberto Ayala
  5. Amedeo Carboni
  6. John Carew
  7. Hedwiges Maduro
  8. Mehmet Topal
  9. Chori Dominguez
  10. Sofiane Feghouli
All these foreign footballers have added to the glory and fan following of Valencia football club. 

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