German Football League (BUNDESLIGA)

Bayern Munich

German League (Bundesliga) is a German professional football league founded in 1962. The first season was held in 1963.

The Bundesliga was established by the Deutscher Fußball-Bund (German Football Association), but is now administered by the Deutsche Fußball Liga. Since its formation, 54 clubs have participated in this league but now the league comprises of 18 teams in total. Seasons keep running from August to May with most of the matches being played on Saturdays and Sundays and a few games are held on weekdays. The winner qualifies for German Supercup or DFL Supercup. Bundesliga is a primary German football competition that holds the record for highest stadium participation around the world. Football club Borussia Dortmund holds this record for the highest attendance. The Chief executive of Bundesliga Christian Seifert says that the tickets are not of very high prices as “It is not in the clubs’ culture so much (to raise prices). They are very fan orientated”

Before the formation of Bundesliga, football was played at a non-professional level in Germany mostly in small clubs. Because the Football craze started increasing, players started to join professional leagues of other countries. Due to this, the German Football Club had to face a sudden degradation. This gave rise to the formation of DS Oberliga, that further gave rise to the formation of German League (Bundesliga).

Each club plays the other club once away from home and once at home. At the beginning when the league was started, each success or victory comprised of 2 points. Both the teams were given 1 point if the match happened to draw and losing team got no point. But since 1995, the winning team gets 3 points. At the end of the season the club with the most points becomes the German Champion. The top 3 clubs qualify to the UEFA Champions League. The fourth club on the table enters the Champions league at the third round of qualifying. The two clubs at the base of the table are consigned into the Bundesliga 2 (Professional Football in Germany’s second division), while the first two clubs in the Bundesliga 2 are advanced. The third club in Bundesliga 2 and the third last club in Bundesliga play a match containing two 2 legs. The club that loses this match plays in Bundesliga 2 while the winner of the match plays in Bundesliga. If the match becomes draw, the winner is decided on the basis of total points, total goals in whole season, head to head and total away goals, and goal difference.

Bayern Munich has been crowned as the winning team 27 times since the beginning of Bundesliga which is the most by any team. Other popular clubs in this league are Borussia Dortmund, Hamburger SV, and VfB Stuttgart.

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