Germany – 1974 A World Cup To Remember

by on June 16, 2010
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Every national team that participates regularly in the World Cup very likely has a tournament or a match they would just as soon forget, and those that are lucky have one that they like to brag about whenever the opportunity arises. While they had plenty of less than memorable moments, that elusive shining moment, for Germany, came in 1974 and was made all the sweeter for the games having been played on their own native soil.

Many considered the 1974 World Cup as a sure win for Team Holland. After all, they were the odds on favorites as the tournament opened and they sailed through the opening rounds easily, fortified with players like Johan Cryuff numbered amongst their ranks. Most football fans never doubted that they would go all the way to the final game. Those fans were quite right. Holland did make it to the much-coveted final match of that Cup series. Then they came face to face with a home-crowd favorite, Team Germany, on that field in Munich, and the Holland’s dream turned into a nightmare.

How did it happen? After all, Holland had advanced through the first round without much opposition. During the second, the Dutch squad breezed past Brazil and Argentina. West Germany, meanwhile, was busily dashing the hopes of Poland, Sweden and Yugoslavia.

Then, it came down to one game, and two teams that were surprisingly, very evenly matched.

Even as their fans cheered them on, Germany was quickly down by one before they could even touch the ball. For a few brief moments it seemed that Holland would fulfill the predictions of so many. The Dutch squad, however, could not seem to hold on to the lead, and eventually, the Germans swept past them to win the match and the Cup by a final score of two to one.

The German’s like to remember the 1974 World Cup. I would strongly suspect the Dutch might prefer to forget it. As I said before, every team has its moments.

Germany is considered to be the best team in their performance consistency over the years. Currently, Germany ranks the 5th in FIFA rankings. A quick glimpse into their profile follows:

• Nickname: Die Dbf-Elf (The Dbf- Eleven)

• Football association: The German Football Association

• Head coach: Joachim Löw

• Captain: Philipp Lahm is the current captain of team

• Top scorer: Gerd Müller, who scored 68 goals in all

• Home kit color: White shirt with black shorts

• Away kit color: Black shirt with white shorts

• Playing World Cup since: 1930

FIFA World Cup record

• FIFA World Cup wins: Germany won the FIFA World Cup three times

• Total matches played at the FIFA World Cup: 92

• Total games won: In all, the Germans won 55 games

• Games drawn: The Germans had 19 drawn games at the World Cup

• Games lost: Germany lost 18 matches at the Word Cup events

• Goals scored: Germany scored 190 goals at the World Cup

Germany at the FIFA World Cup 2010

Germany is always a favorite due to their consistent performance. One can always expect a good game from Germany. Germany is part of Group D and it will play against Australia, Serbia and Ghana.

Germany’s football team is one of the best football teams in the world who hosted the world cup 2006 and exited the event at the semi final stage but they showed the world that Germany is going to be the next football power house with their attacking football approach and totally revamped team. On the effective note, they also ended the Euro Cup 2008 as a second best team, losing to Spain in the final. The German world of football is confident about the bright future of the team because of fundamentally reappraised move towards the game of football.

The coach Klinsmann’s arrival announced totally new chapter in the German football and assistant Joachim Low supported him to the level of better than the best and eventually took over the position of Klinsmann to continue the era of attacking football. The results were shown in the World Cup 2006 where high scoring Germans showed four weeks of ignited football. The team is spearheaded by the like of midfielders Torsten Frings and Michael Ballack. Team is full of Goal getters like Lukas Podolski, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm and 2006 golden boot award winner Miroslav Klose. The man with the wise head on the responsible shoulders are playing like a real unit that can produce amazing results in the upcoming world cup in South Africa. Germany stood 4th in the 2010 world cup, and came out winner of 2014 world cup football. 


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    Another day, another upset. This World Cup is really coming to life now, with Serbia the latest sensation

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