History and Performance Record of FC Barcelona

by on September 20, 2010
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FC Barcelona

Football club Barcelona was founded on November 29, 1899 by Hans Gamper with other eleven enthusiasts of the football game. With a history of over hundred years, the Barcelona football club has grown to something that is much greater than just a sports club that makes the slogan apt for them. FC Barcelona not only became a sports club but also can be identified with society, culture and politics. FC Barcelona represented the people of Catalonia and their desire for freedom. It is a democratic and open club. FC Barcelona has been gone through every phases of life in its history such as time of brilliant play and failure, glory and pain, defeats and epic victories. The stadium of the club is Camp Nou which can accommodate the maximum number of people than any other stadium in Europe. The Jersey used for home plays is maroon and blue, and the jersey used to play outside is yellow and black. Barcelona football club has a reserve football team which is also well known, Barcelona B.

FC Barcelona player Migueli set the record in the history of Barcelona by playing a sum of 548 games with the club. Of the 548 games, 391 appearances are for Spanish La Liga. Behind Migueli, Xavi Fernandez also played 352 Spanish league matches and a total of 527 games in all football competitions. Highest goal scorer of the Barcelona football club in their history is Cesar Rodriguez who scored 192 goals in Spanish La Liga. Lionel Messi of Barcelona football club scored 88 goals in Spanish La Liga. Three football players of the Barcelona football club who scored 100 league goals for the club are Ladislao Kubala, Samuel Eto’o and Cesar Rodriguez. FC Barcelona completed 5,000 goals in Spanish La Liga on 2nd February 2009. On December 2009, Barcelona FC had won the sixth title in a year and became the first club in the football history to complete six titles. Barcelona football club also holds the record of having 25 Copa del Rey titles and the record of winning 8 Spanish Supercup titles along with Real Madrid football club.


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