History of FIFA World cup Trophy

by on July 15, 2010


Talented and proficient football players all around the world have gathered in South Africa with a dream in their eyes – that of the ‘FIFA World Cup Trophy’. Nobody knows who will bring this trophy home but the goddess of victory has started circling round the grounds of South Africa for the triumph of the winning team.

This beautiful gold trophy is the esthetic work of an Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga who has been selected out of fifty- three submissions worldwide. Silvio Gazzaniga had been awarded for designing this marvelous and fabulous gold sculpture as a trophy for football World Cup winners. The trophy was first awarded to the winning team of ‘Brazil’ in 1994 FIFA World cup.

This 15 inches tall trophy, weighing almost 6 kilos, is 75% made of 18 carat gold with an outer layer of malachite. This is a hollow sculpture of two human patterns, assumed athletes holding the world in their hands that show the sign of victory.

This isn’t the original trophy. The original trophy was the gold sculpture of the goddess of victory with an octagonal cup on her head, almost 14 inches high and 3.8 kg, designed by Abel Lafleur. This was the first prize for Uruguay at the first football World Cup ever.

This original trophy was initially named as ‘Victory’; afterward, in 1946, it was officially named as ‘Jules Rimet Trophy’ in the honor of Jules Rimet, the FIFA President.

FIFA World Cup trophy for the year 2010 will be the 19th and all 32 teams are looking for this beautiful trophy to win.


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