History of Liverpool FC

by on September 3, 2010
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Liverpool FC was founded in the year 1892. This football club was founded due to the dispute over rent between John Houlding, owner of the land at Anfield and Everton Committee. Houlding founded Liverpool FC to play at the Anfield ground. The original name of the club was Everton FC which was changed in to Liverpool FC in June 1892 because the Football Association rejected to identify the team as Everton. Liverpool FC was dominant during 1979s and 1980s.

Liverpool had won the treble in the season 2000-01 but the victory in treble is not new for them. They had also won the treble by winning the titles of European Cup, the Championship cup and the League Cup in the year 1984. The home jersey color is red but until 1894 they have used blue and white quartered shirts. The club took the color of the city for their jersey after 1894. The club adopted the liver bird as the crest which is the symbol of the city. The away colors of the jersey are white shirts and black shorts or all yellow. Liverpool football club is one of the most successful and important clubs from English Premiere League. Liverpool Football Club has a very successful history not only in English Premiere League but also in Champions League and other club level tournaments. 


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