History of Real Madrid

Real Madrid FC Logo

Real Madrid is founded in the year 1902. Its entire history of football spent in La Liga which is a top league in Spanish football. In 1950s, the club was a major name in both European and Spanish football. Real Madrid was one of the best teams in Europe as well as in Spain during 1980s. The club had won five consecutive Spanish Championships, three Spanish Super Cups, one Spanish Cup and two UEFA Cups in that period. Long lasting rivalries with other football clubs is famous in Real Madrid.

Among the enemies of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona is the famous one and the matches between these two teams are known as “el Clasico”. Since its origin, the club has been operated and owned by the members themselves. The professors and students of the Institucion Libre de ensenanza introduced football to Madrid and in 1897; they founded the Football Club Sky that plays in Sunday mornings at Moncloa. In the year 1900, the club was divided in to two, namely Club Espanol de Madrid and New Foot-Ball Club de Madrid. In 1902, the Club Espanol de Madrid split again to form Real Madrid Football Club. Real Madrid football club has proved itself as one of the greatest football club time and again. 

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