History of UEFA Championship League

History of UEFA Championship LeagueInitially UEFA was named the European Cup which was held a month after UEFA’s first congress. The championship took place in Vienna on March 2 1995. The format initially was more inclined towards including teams with maximum fan appeal into the Champions League. The championship did not require the teams to be national champions but only to have great fan appeal. The representatives of the 16 clubs attended meetings which were held on 2 and 3 April 1995 where the rules were presented  and accepted unanimously.

The first UEFA championship was played in Lisbon where FK Partizan drew the match against Portugal. From this point onwards, the most dominating team to rule the UEFA was Real Madrid FC that won the first five finals making the UEFA Champions League pretty much its own property. No other club was able to dominate this league for a long term. Milan and Real Madrid have been the most successful sides in UEFA championship as both claimed the title three times. The overall triumphs for Real Madrid has been a record as well with 9 wins followed by Milan with seven wins, five for Liverpool and four each for Ajax and Bayern. Madrid appeared in 12 finals which is a record as well. The major evolution in the UEFA Champions League was the official inauguration of the group stage along with the traditional knockout stage. This way the competition was expanded to  8 teams to 32 teams.

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