Italian football league system

serie_aItalian football league system is same as English football league system. Mainly Italian football league has two divisions: Italian Serie A and Italian Serie B. This league is also known as “Lega Calcio”. Relegation and promotion is the main theme of Italian football league system. Here given Italian football league structure:

• We can compare Serie A as level-1 in a football pyramid. This league contains 20 teams. This is the top level so no promotion here. But last three teams relegated to Serie B. Every team faces 38 matches in this league in a season.

• The next level of Italian football league is Serie B. This league contains 22 clubs. First two teams get promotion to Serie A automatically. And next four teams compete wits each other. And the winner gets promotion. Last three teams get demotions automatically. And ranking 18th and 19th team play off. And looser team gets demotion to Lega Pro.

• Level three football league is Lega pro. There are two division of Lega pro: Lega Pro-1 and Lega Pro-2. Each division contains 18 clubs.

• Next level is Lega pro second division.

Along with EPL and Spanish football league, Italian football league is one of the most viewed football tournaments in the world.

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