Italian Serie A- Structure

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Italian Serie A- Structure

Italian Football League is a chain of leagues and national tournaments that are interconnected and organized by the Italian Football Federation for the clubs in Italy with one club coming from San Marino. At the top of the structure is the ‘National League of Professionals Serie A’ which is often known as ‘Lega Serie A’. The ‘Lega Serie A’ runs the Serie A which has been run for more than eighty years from 1929. Till 2010, Serie A was organized by Lega Calcio but from the season of 2010-11, a new league ‘Lega Serie A’ has been created. Serie A is a class rivalry intended for the absolute best teams in the Italian football framework. It’s been in presence since 1939, and Serie A is said to be the second best class on the planet. 

Serie A is considered as one of the most privileged leagues in the world of football. Serie A has produced the maximum number of finalists in European Cup and most winners in the competition like Spanish clubs. In the history of Serie A, 16 or 18 clubs were competing at the top level but from 2004-05 there have been a total of 20 clubs. Each club will play with the other twice, one at home and one at away with a total of 38 games for each club by the end of the season. So a true round-robin format is used in the Italian football. Each team will play exactly one time with the opponent totaling 19 games in the first half of the season known as ‘andata’. Second half of the season is known as ‘ritorno’, again 19 games are played and the only difference between two halves is that home and away situations are changed. 

Matches are played at each end of the week all through the season with the exception of when there’s a booked break for international fixtures, games that must be played throughout the season. Two games are typically played on Saturday nights with one early kickoff and another late kickoff. Whatever is left of the matches are played all through Sunday and on Monday. There are midweek fixtures at discontinuous periods all through the season, with nine matches for the most part played on Wednesday evening and the rest of the fixture on Thursday.

Serie A Clubs

Some of the popular clubs of Serie A league are presented here.

  • Benevento

Founded: 1929

Based: Benevento

  • Bologna

Founded: 1909

Based: Bologna

  • Cagliari

Founded: 1920

Based: Cagliari

  • Chievo

Founded: 1929

Based: Verona

  • Crotone

Founded: 1910

Based: Crotone

  • Fiorentina

Founded: 1926

Based: Florence

  • Genoa

Founded: 1893

Based: Genoa

  • Inter Milan

Founded: 1908

Based: Milan

  • Juventus

Founded: 1897

Based: Turin

  • Lazio

Founded: 1900

Based: Rome

  • AC Milan

Founded: 1899

Based: Milan

  • Napoli

Founded: 1926

Based: Naples

  • AS Roma

Founded: 1927

Based: Rome

  • Sampdoria

Founded: 1946

Based: Genoa

  • Sassuolo

Founded: 1920

Based: Sassuolo

  • Spal

Founded: 1907

Based: Ferrara

  • Torino

Founded: 1906

Based: Turin

  • Udinese

Founded: 1896

Based: Udine

  • Verona

Founded: 1903

Based: Verona

The Points System

If a team wins, three points are awarded to them. If a team loses, no point is rewarded. Head-to-head record comes into play if two points have a tie on the points table. If the difference in goals remains the same, then overall difference in goals is considered. If this is not enough to break the ties between two teams, then the goal difference of the entire season is considered.

The Serie A Table

The winner and runner up teams enter the Champions League. The team who finishes third must get past the third round of the Champions League to enter the group stage.

Fourth and fifth teams  enter the Europa League.

Staying Up

The last three clubs in Serie A are consigned to Serie B. Serie B is the following division beneath Serie A. These clubs are supplanted by the three best positioned teams toward the finish of the Serie B. A team needs to score forty points, at least, to stay in the league. The Football craze will always keep on increasing in Italy.

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