Italian Serie A- Structure

by on September 26, 2010
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Italian Serie A- Structure

Italian Football League is a chain of leagues and national tournaments that are interconnected and organized by the Italian Football Federation for the clubs in Italy with one club coming from San Marino. At the top of the structure is the ‘National League of Professionals Serie A’ which is often known as ‘Lega Serie A’. The ‘Lega Serie A’ runs the Serie A which has been run for more than eighty years from 1929. Till 2010, Serie A was organized by Lega Calcio but from the season of 2010-11, a new league ‘Lega Serie A’ has been created.

Serie A is considered as one of the most privileged leagues in the world of football. Serie A has produced the maximum number of finalists in European Cup and most winners in the competition like Spanish clubs. In the history of Serie A, 16 or 18 clubs were competing at the top level but from 2004-05 there have been a total of 20 clubs. Each club will play with the other twice, one at home and one at away with a total of 38 games for each club by the end of the season. So a true round-robin format is used in the Italian football. Each team will play exactly one time with the opponent totaling 19 games in the first half of the season known as ‘andata’. Second half of the season is known as ‘ritorno’, again 19 games are played and the only difference between two halves is that home and away situations are changed.

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