Most goals in a Career, Season and Match by Arsenal

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Arsenal Football Club

Jimmy Brain who was the striker throughout his career scored 139 goals for the club in his eight years. Brain was the most successful scorers of the Arsenal club. Jimmy became the top scorer of the club for four seasons by scoring 39 goals in the season of 1925-26 that includes four hat tricks. But Ted Drake scored 45 goals in a single season of 1934-35 and he became top scorer of the club who scored more goals in a single season. Ted Drake appeared in 184 games for the club and scored 139 goals in total. David Jack scored 144 goals from 295 appearances and was the top scored for five seasons out of the eight seasons played for Arsenal FC. Cliff Bastin remained the top scorer of the club from 1939 to 1997 by scoring 178 goals from 395 games. John Radford is fourth among the all-time top scorers scoring 149 goals from 481 games. Ian Wright scored 185 goals in total from 288 appearances. Thierry is the all-time leading scorer of Arsenal with 226 goals from 369 appearances.

The most league goals scored in a season by Arsenal is 127 goals. Arsenal scored 127 goals in total from 42 matches during the season, 1930-31. Most away goals in a league season by Arsenal is in 1930-31 and in that season Arsenal scored 60 goals in total. Again during 1930-31, Arsenal became the top flight league winners who scored 127 goals. Arsenal’s record of most goals in a season by a player is in the name of Ted Drake. Ted Drake scored 45 goals in 1934-35. Ted Drake also holds the record of most league goals in a season and he scored 42 goals in 1934-35. The record of most Premier League goals in a season is in the name of Thierry Henry. Thierry Henry scored a total of 30 goals in 2003-04. Thierry Henry is also the all-time top scorer of Arsenal.

Most goals in a single match were scored by Ted Drake. Drake scored seven goals in the First Division match against Aston Villa in the year 1935. Jack Lambert scored 5 goals in a single home match against Sheffield United. Most goals in a FA Cup match are by Cliff Bastin against Darwen in 1932. Cliff Bastin scored 4 goals in that match. Alan Smith of Arsenal scored 4 goals against Austria Wien in a European cup match in the year 1991. Arsenal won the first match against Eastern Wanderers by scoring 6 goals in 1886. Arsenal won the home match against Loughborough and Ashford United in 1900 and 1893 by scoring 12-0. Another record winning match of Arsenal was at Highbury in the year 1932 against Darwen scoring 11 goals. Arsenal won the match against Standard Liege in UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1993 and scored seven goals.

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