Most Goals in a Career, Season and Match by Real Madrid

Real Madrid FC LogoRaul Gonzalez is the record top scorer of the club by scoring 323 goals from 700 appearances. Manuel Sanchis, Jr has made 711 appearances. Alfredo di Stefano scored 307 goals from 396 appearances for Real Madrid. From 177 appearances for the club Cristiano Ronaldo scored 104 goals. Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer of Real Madrid. Fernando Morientes made 270 appearances for Real Madrid and scored 100 goals. Ivan Zamorana who played for Real Madrid from 1992-1996 made 173 appearances and scored 100 goals. Hugo Sanchez scored 164 goals from 207 appearances. Santillana scored 290 goals from 643 appearances during the period of 1979-1988. Pirri who was the captain of Real Madrid during 1964-1979 scored 210 goals from 595 appearances. Amancio who was the captain of the club from 1974-1976 and the player of Real Madrid since 1962 scored 155 goals from 471 appearances. Ferenc Puska scored 240 goals from just 263 appearances.

The most cherishing moment of a team is the goal scoring moment. Most goals scored in a season by Real Madrid are during 1989-90 season. Real Madrid scored a total of 107 goals in that season from 38 matches. Ferenc Puskas scored forty eight goals in a season in all competitions. Hugo Sachez scored 38 goals in League matches in a season from 35 matches. Telmo Zarra also scored 38 goals in a season from 30 matches and his goal scoring average 1.267 goals per match which is the highest. Guti scored an average of 30 goals per season in Real Madrid. Real Madrid is the winners of UEFA Champions League for 9 times. Fastest goal in the Real Madrid club’s history was scored by Ronaldo during a league match with Atletico Madrid. In 58 matches Stefano scored 49 goals in the European Cup which is the all time record which was improved by Raul Gonzalez.

Real Madrid scored 6 goals against Europa during their first La Liga match on 19th February 1929. Real Madrid had scored 12 goals against B 1909 in the European Cup of 1961-62 and it is the record win of the club. Real Madrid also got record by winning the league title of 1959-60 against Elche by scoring 11 goals for 2. Real Madrid again set the record in the European Cup of 1961-62 by scoring 12 goals against B 1909. Most goals scored in a league match by Real Madrid are five goals. Most goals scored in a Copa del Rey match by Real Madrid is six goals. The maximum number of goals in these league matches is scored by Manuel Alday, Miguel Minoz, Pepillo, Ferenc Puskas, Antonio Alsua and Fernando Morientes. Most goals in a Copa del Rey match is scored by Benguria and Ferenc Puskas.

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