Most goals in a single match of UEFA

Most goals in a single match of UEFA  Scoring goals might seem easier when you are watching on TV, screaming at  your team to score it and take the match into win zone. However, it takes lots of practice to actually score more than one goal. Scoring the most number or maximum goals in a football match has always been an attraction for football fans. Many players have been able to score more than one goal in a single UEFA match. In UEFA Champions League, 18 players have been able to score 4 goals. Only one player, Ove Olsson of Gothenburg managed to score five goals in one single game of the UEFA Champions League. The maximum goals scored by any club in the UEFA Champions League is by Dinamo Bucuresti FC  which scored 11 goals against Northern Ireland side Crusders without conceding any goal from the opposing team.

High scoring games are always enjoyed in Football club competitions. When a lot of goals are scored in a game, the thrill and passion of this sport is enjoyed by the scorers as well as the fans mutually. Although there are many times when matches end without scoring a goal and the contest is still considered to be thrilling, usually the thrill of football matches is associated with high scoring games.

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