Most goals in career, season and match by Internazionale

by on October 3, 2010
in Italian League

Internazionale Milan football club- Most goals Ronaldo played 99 games and scored 59 goals in his career with Inter Milan. Ermanno Aebi scored 106 goals in his 12 years career in the club from 1910-1922. He made 142 appearances to score 106 goals. Andreas Brehme scored 70 goals in his career for the club. Christian Vieri scored 103 goals in his career with Internazionale in 144 Serie A. Vieri was the top scorer in the year 2002-03. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is now playing for Inter and was the top scorer in European Championship. Benito Lorenzi who was the part of the club from 1947-1958 scored 138 Serie A goals made him the greatest strikers of Inter Milan. Alessandro Altobelli scored 209 goals in all competitions, of which 128 goals is in Serie A. Istvan Nyers scored 133 goals in 184 appearances in Inter Milan. Giuseppe Meazza scored 243 goals for Inter Milan.
Average number of goals scored by Inter Milan in a season is 2.03 per game. Inter Milan came second in Champions League by scoring 65 goals. The year 2009-2010 is the best ever season in the history of Inter Milan as they won the treble and scored the most goals in a season. In this season Inter Milan won the European championship in 45 years. Inter Milan became the champions of European Cup by the two goals scored by Diego Milito. The club Internazionale got 10 goals from fifteen games in two seasons and the goal scoring seasons were 2002-2003 and 2006-2007. In the season 2008-2009 of Serie A, Inter scored a total number of 70 goals. For FC Internazionale, Giuseppe Meazza scored 20 goals in Milan derby which is an all time record. Ronald scored 25 league goals which a record for a debutant of Serie A.
Goal scoring in a match is important in football. Without goals, the match will look idle. The goal scoring team will win the match. Internazionale club scored several goals against their rivals. Most goals in a match got by Internazionale is against Atalanta. In the year 1990, Inter Milan scored seven goals against Atlanta on 25th March. Four goals scored against Atalanta on 31st May 2009. Inter got 3 goals against Atalanta on 15th October 1967. Inter scored 6 goals for the winning match against Livorno on 23rd February 1930 and five goals against Livorno on 24th February 1935. Inter also scored 7 goals against Lazio on 5th March 1961. A total of 6 goals were scored by FC Internazionale on 4th April 1954 against Juventus. Inter scored again 6 goals against Juventus on 26th April 1911 and 4th January 1913. FC Internazionale is one of the Italian clubs that scored maximum number of goals in a match.

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